Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly you can be scheduled depends partly on your flexibility.  If you need a specific day or time of day, it will likely take longer to be scheduled.  Some people choose to come initially over their lunch hour or take an hour of vacation in order to get started.   Initial appointments are typically scheduled Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Occasional exceptions may be possible.  Sessions are generally scheduled more frequently in the beginning and will be moved further apart as you make progress until you have accomplished your goals. 


**Please note when you call the office you will most likely get voicemail and will need to leave a message.  A call will be returned to you as soon as possible and within 24 business hours. 


When you schedule, you may be asked for insurance information in order to determine your deductible and copayment.  



Costs vary with the service as well as the length of the session.  Prices range between $95 and $145.  Efforts are made to be respectful of your financial situataion while still providing the services needed for your situation.  That may mean meeting less frequently and may require more effort on your part between sessions.  Tasks are often assigned to facilitate your progress.   All services recommended may not be covered by your insurance. If a service is recommended that is not available in this office, you will be offered possible resources or referrals.  Payment is expected at the time of service.  You can pay with cash, check or you may use a credit card, if needed. Although health care can be expensive, it's important to ask yourself not only "can I afford to seek counseling" but also "can I afford not to".  Personal and relationship issues impact health, productivity, family harmony and joy for life.



Insurance may help with the cost of counseling if you have mental health benefits.  You will be asked for insurance information when your appointment is scheduled so benefits, deductible and copay can be determined. Sharon is in network with several insurance plans but not all.  Some plans do provide out of network benefits.  Others such as Medicare and Medicaid do not.


Participating Plans:  ***  Please note occasionally one of these plans may have a different provider network so checking is always required.  

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Midlands Choice
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Health
  • UMR
  • Medica

How long does it take?

Change is a process and doesn't happen instantly.  In spite of our best efforts, it's not uncommon to run into obstacles along the way.  Life happens.  Sometimes a detour is required.  Accountability in getting back on track can hasten the process.  A commitment to your goals and a willingness to consistently work toward change can lead to a successful outcome.

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