Payment Options



 You can arrange for auto pay with your credit card charged for any amount due from you after insurance has paid their portion.  You can also pay by check.  Arrangements can be made for monthly billing.  Interest will be charged on unpaid balance over 30 days.  Accounts with no payment for 90 days will be turned over for collection.   


From Your Home or Office

You may SECURELY pay by credit, debit or HSA card for services.  Upon request, a text with a secure link to Ivy Pay will allow you to pay from your phone. This service is entirely HIPAA compliant. The PAY button on this website will take you to the SECURE PayPal website where you can use the card of your choice OR set up a PayPal account.  You may also pay by credit card on the client portal.  




When you contract for services, you are assuming financial responsibility for payment which is expected at the time of service.  If you choose to use health insurance, it may assist you with the cost.  This office is in network with some, but not all insurance companies.  Many companies pay out of network benefits, but not all.  Some people choose NOT to use their insurance benefits for reasons of increased confidentiality and freedom of choice.  This office will submit claims with most insurance companies if you should choose to use insurance.  Once you have met your deductible you will be responsible for the copay for each session.  Insurance may not cover all services recommended for your treatment.  You, not your insurance company, are ultimately responsible for payment.  Services will be discontinued if you fail to make payment and haven't made arrangments for a payment plan.   Insufficient fund checks will be charged a service fee.



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