Individual and Relationship Counseling 

     Indivdual Counseling

     Addressing  Life  Challenges

 Life struggles can weigh us down resulting in feeling                 overwhelmed and stuck.  It can feel as though our life is out of control or we have lost our sense of direction.  Decision making can be difficult. 

Relationship Counseling 

Addressing Relationship Challenges

There is no perfect relationship.  Every relationship faces challenges.  No two people think alike all the time.  We're all wired differently and although our way seems right to us, it my not be right for others. 

Relationship Uncertainty

Decision Making about Relationship Future

Some couples feel the future for their relationship is hopeless and consider divorce.  Sometimes one wants out and the other wants to do relationship counseling.  Does That sound like you?  

Divorce Counseling/ Co-Parenting 

Coping with Issues Related to Divorce

Divorce brings many adjustments including no long being part of a couple,     adapting to changes in family structure, finances and parenting.  


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