Relationship Uncertainty


New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.   

                                                                    Lao Tzu   


When couples are unsure about the relationship future or one partner wants couple counseling and the other wants to part ways, neither couple counseling nor divorce counseling is likley to meet their needs.  Uncertainty counseling is a process that helps couples look seriously at their relationship and their role in it to determine a path for their future.  It is generally time limited and includes session time with the couple and with each individual separately.  Some couples choose to continue the relationship as it is.  Others may choose to work on their relationship while still others may decide to move ahead with divorce.  Terms such as to "to stay or to go", "couple's on the brink", "discernment", "when one wants out and the other doesn't", "leaning in" and 'leaning out" can all refer to this type of situation.  


Uncertainty Counseling can lead to:

  •  relationship counseling
  •  divorce counseling including coparenting issues
  •  individual counseling as appropriate to the situation






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